How to Apply:

To submit a tent request, please use our online system, which can be accessed via the fill-in form below. Only requests that are submitted online will be processed. We receive numerous requests for tents, so it is impossible to grant every request due to tent supply limitations however, we are pleased to review all requests.

Please read the terms and conditions before filling out the tent request form:

If you are seeking sponsorship or donations on behalf of an organization or event, we welcome you to submit a formal sponsorship request.

The undersigned will be fully responsible for the TENT(s) as of the time it is delivered until it is returned, which will be NO later than one day (unless other arrangements have been made) after the event, meaning that any damage or loss due to negligence during this time will be paid for by the undersigned. The undersigned agrees to a 50% cancellation fee if a delivery service has been activated and the undersigned cannot accept the delivery through no fault of the company.

It is understood by the undersigned that the replacement value amounts to US$ 900 and is therefore liable for any damages and replacement costs. The management may require a deposit in cash for US$ 200 for each Tent.


If none, write N/A.

Selection of Tents:

SMALL TENT: USD $75.00 Per Tent (Maximum of 2 Small Tents Available Per Person and/or Event)
BIG TENT: USD $100.00 Per Tent (There is only 1 big 20x20 tent available)
$ 0.00
If yes, ignore total cost of tent. If no, this is the amount that will have to be paid.