CLT Social & Community Outreach

Caribbean Liquors & Tobacco has been contributing to the community for over 40 years. We strive to support events and partner with organizations that benefit the local community collectively. We love when we get an opportunity to support important events or programs in education, science, cultural, environmental, sports and health and wellness industries, amongst many others.

Why do we sponsor or donate?

Sponsorship of an event, or donating to a worthy cause gives us the opportunity to expose our brand(s) to target consumers and build lasting relationships with local businesses and entrepreneurs. Each of our brands have their own identity. In our decision-making we take into consideration all the brands that we have and which of our products would be the best fit for your event based on your theme, activity, and target group. Naturally, we wouldn’t pair a Sip & Paint event with one of our Energy drinks, or a Children’s Easter Egg hunt with hard liquor.

Sponsorship Enquiries

If you are seeking sponsorship or donations on behalf of an organization or event, we welcome you to submit a formal sponsorship request.

How to Apply:

To submit a proposal, please use our online system, which can be accessed via the fill-in form below. Only proposals that are submitted online and follow our guidelines will be considered. Please be sure your proposal meets our guidelines listed below:

  • This request is being filled in at least six weeks (30 working days) prior to the event date
  • Caribbean Liquors & Tobacco does not provide monetary support or product support for:
  • – Subjective individual contests, such as beauty, talent, fashion, pageantry, or carnival costumes.
  • – Loans and grants to individuals or private business.
  • – Organizations whose prime purpose is to influence legislation or political views.
  • Any event which could pose danger to contestants and the public.

We receive numerous requests every year for sponsorships in support of events and programs throughout the region (St Maarten/St Martin, Saint Barthelemy, Anguilla, Saba, Statia). While it is impossible to fund every request, we are pleased to review all opportunities. We will respond by email within three weeks with our decision and/or to request additional information.

Thank you for considering Caribbean Liquors & Tobacco as a sponsorship partner.

Sponsorships Request Form


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Sponsorship Details

Please visit our website www.cltbv.com and click on 'Our Brands' to find out more information on CLT brands.
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Loans and grants to individuals or private business, Subjective individual contests, such as beauty, talent or fashion contests or pageants, carnival costumes, or any event which could pose danger to contestants and public.